2015 Wildlife

Spring 2015 Issue of When Women Waken

(in order by first name)


Letter from the Editor

Featured Poet

Kathryn Stripling Byer, North Carolina, USA

Mountain Time

Wolf Creek

Featured Artist

Shannon Bueker, North Carolina, USA

“Fox Front” Cover Painting

Fox Rescue Dream


Ann Churcher, England

Memories of Mikuyu Wildlife

Anne-Karine Thoresen, North Carolina, USA


Golden Light

African Spur Thigh Tortoise

Beatriz Fernandez


Caernarfon Retreat

Candice Claire Falloon, North Carolina, USA

Imagine This Poem

Cheryl Pearson, Manchester, England



Summer, Early Evening

Christian Byrnes, North Carolina, USA


Jamie K. Reaser, Virginia, USA

The Opossum in the Road


Jane Penland Hoover, North Carolina USA


Karen, Australia

Lunaozi Dreams

*Kerry Holjes, North Carolina, USA*



Kim Werfel, North Carolina, USA

Deer Spirit

The Lookout


Kimberly T. Hawks, North Carolina, USA

Egrets in Nest

Eagle with Fish

Blue Heron

Lisa Rizzo


Serengeti Afternoon


Wild Heart

M.J. Iuppa, New York, USA

Another Spring’s Twilight

Mary Ann Bumbera, North Carolina, USA

Wings to Soar

Mary Lovell Hall, North Carolina, USA

Country Scenes from Bath County, Virginia

Wild Red Columbines & Ferns I and II

Mimi Herman, North Carolina, USA

Swim by Braille

The First Doe

Moira Kowalczyk, New Jersey, USA

Blood Orange Sun

Paula Dawn Lietz, Canada

Garden Tails, Trails, Tales

Rita Mae Frey, Texas, USA

The Fox Babies – Photographs & Essay

Sandra Anfang, California, USA

That Which Is Needed

Red Letter Daze

 Sara Claytor, North Carolina, USA

Gladys Knows Her Fate

*Sarah McTeer Ogburn*

Crossing Little River

Moon Dancer

Sharon Blessum, North Dakota & North Carolina, USA

Stone Speak

Stacy Lewis, North Carolina, USA

Calm Cat

Leafy Sea Horse

Sea Queen Underwater Dragon

Susan Baker, North Carolina & Florida,USA

Wild Ones

Nude and Tree

Wild Woman Ceremonial Bowl with Pearl and Twine

Sylvia Freeman, North Carolina, USA

Pelican in B&W – Three Photographs

Terri Hadley Ward, West Virginia, USA

Grandmother Oak

Birthing the Wild Woman

*Terry Gomez*


Tiffany Teoh, Australia

The Traveler #15

Valerie Nieman, North Carolina, USA

Marching Jay-bird

Lore II: Tap’s Tips