2015 Being

Most everything has been added now, you may see one or two more pieces slip in over the next few days.

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Letter from the Editor (forthcoming)

Featured Artist

Sarah McTeer Ogburn, Artist

North Carolina, USA

The Greeter

Featured Poet

 Terri Kirby Erikson, Poet

North Carolina, USA

To Love Yourself

Contributors by First Name

A.J. Huffman, Poet

Florida, USA

Three Poems:

I Am Hollow



Alexandra Hamer, Artist

North Carolina, USA via England



A Dream after Imogen Cunningham

Andrea Hennings, Artist

North Carolina, USA via Germany

Beautiful Kisa

Javan Gibbon II


In Your Eyes

Anne-Karine Thoresen, Artist

North Carolina, USA via Norway

A Clover for Luck

Portrait of a Meercat



Aradhna Sethi, Writer

Europe via India


Bonnie Korta

North Carolina, USA

Bewitched Hair

Leashed / Unleashed

Ode to Mary’s Tangled Ball of Yarn

Camilla Trinchieri, Author – Artist

New York, USA via Italy

A War Story

Three Images

Candice Claire Falloon

North Carolina, USA


Cara Long, Writer

New York, USA

Too Good

Leea Glasheen

Wisconsin, USA


Diane Z. DeBella, Poet-Author

Colorado, USA

Another Growing Season Done

Emily Wilhelm, Chef

North Carolina, USA


June 26, 2015

Florentina Staigers, Poet


Genevieve Guedra, Poet


Two Poems

Glenis Redmond, Poet

South Carolina, USA

Our Spirit Stands

Gloria D. Gonsalves, Poet

Germany, via Tanzania

The Mindfulness Creed

Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth

United Kingdom & Nepal


Jasmine Kang, Poet

California, USA

Through all Times

Karol Anderson, Painter

North Carolina via Florida, USA


Katherine Mecham, Artist

North Carolina, USA

The Father and Mother of Nations

African Queen


Katya Abazajian, Writer

Washington DC, USA

The Bayou Bends

Kimberly T Hawks

North Carolina, USA

You Lookin’ at Me

Kim Werfel, Artist

North Carolina, USA

Queen of Swords


Laurie Kolp, Poet

Texas, USA

Birthing Blue

Mothering Mother

Lisa Rizzo, Poet

California, USA

Washing Dishes


Mali Warshofsky, Poet

United States, via Poland and Israel

On the Park Bench


Mariah Wheeler, Artist & Writer

North Carolina, USA

Maia, Goddess of the Sea

Marilyn Penrod, Artist

North Carolina, USA

Soul Beings

Stillness at Eventide

Moira Kowalczyk, Photographer & Writer

New Jersey, USA

Did You See Them, the Scullers

Najla Shawa, Writer

Gaza, Palestine

Waves Wash the Wounded Shore

Nancy L. Smith, Artist

North Carolina, USA

Blue Jewel

Garden of Soul

Paula Dawn Lietz, Photographer & Artist


A Red Bordeaux

Losing My Sense of Time

Paulette Turcotte, Multi-Media Artist

British Columbia, Canada

I Want You to Know My Dreams…

Rose Bernal, Poet

New York, USA

Vibration of Life

Lightness of Being

Sandra Anfang

California, USA

Born into Water


Sarah Goshal, Poet

New Jersey, USA

Upon Talking to Myself


Sarah McTeer Ogburn, Artist

North Carolina, USA

The Greeter


Susan Windle, Poet

Pennsylvania, USA

Three Poems:

Pretend You are God

Mission Statement


Terri Hadley Ward, Poet

West Virginia, USA

In the Mirror

Terri Kirby Erikson, Poet

North Carolina, USA

To Love Yourself

Terry Gomez, Writer

New Mexico, USA


Tiare Snow, Writer

Western Australia


Tiffany Teoh, Poet

Australia via Malaysia

To My Daughter

Tricia Knoll, Poet

Oregon, USA

Tabloid Spotlight on the Hollywood Starlet

About Being

This issue started out with the theme of “Self-Love” inspired by a moving essay by Terri Kirby Erickson on Facebook. The theme is so important for women (and likely for men too, though differently) that it’s a must-have theme.

But look up the word “Self-Love” and you will find dozens of negative variants that are considered synonyms. It’s clear that the geography of that concept needs redefining. Is there another word?

Being” surfaced as a single word theme that can encompass self-love, but without the negative connotations of narcissism, undue self-regard and more. Being can address self-love, in the compassionate sense of self; the compassionate regard for self as for others; an equanimity of self -regard and other-regard, in contrast to only celebrating regard for others.