A.J. Huffman – Ice

June 30, 2014 | By | 5 Replies More

like broken glass, litters the lawn.
I huddle inside, face pressed to frosted pane,
staring out at lethal view. I know my skin
could not survive the journey. I am flame,
self-ignited, but I remember the sharp touch
of frigid. That piercing moment, just
before two solid barriers bend, meld
into each other. My hand reaches
for the doorknob. I am tempted to relive
the danger. My breath catches, reminds me
what it is to drown.


Category: Knowing

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  1. Beautiful! So sharply delineated.

  2. I could get lost in your writing…it’s so compelling and beautiful. Even in this piece such a dark subject crafted so well.

  3. Joan Leotta says:

    Cascade of images of knowing–very powerful!

  4. There’s great power in your strong, spare images. I especially appreciate the last two lines. I was surprised and delighted at the image of drowning as connected to ice.

  5. Cheryl Pearson says:

    I was hooked from the first line – “like broken glass, litters the lawn” – just a perfect and dazzling description. The way the language used throughout is just lovely – the narrator inside, hand on the doorknob, talking herself out of entering that frozen, broken world: “I know my skin could not survive the journey”. Just beautiful.

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