Alice Juliet Mason – Mother and Child

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mother and child alice mason

Alice Juliet Mason was born in Norfolk UK and spent a large part of her childhood in the Blue Mountains in Australia. She was a free-range child, the eldest of four and explored creeks and wild bush land. Those primal landscapes and mountains helped shape her. She defines herself as an explorer and dreamer, who has been enchanted by wanderlust throughout her life. She has lived and worked in different countries, including southern France, the Cote d’Azur, and Los Angeles, where she was a set painter, muralist and specialist decorator before having children. She is interested in the sacred, the spiritual and the Goddess. She says that her work is all about imagination and dreams and is rarely representational. She considers herself a dream-weaver and uses her work to create her own utopia. She currently lives in the U.K, is the mother of two children and is married to the photographer Nigel Green.


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  1. Incredibly beautiful.

  2. I love this. So magical, so peaceful, so dream-like.

  3. Marie Mader says:

    Very lovely….The warm, cozy colors further enhance the closeness of the relationship between the mother and child. Very touching!

  4. Aine Greaney says:

    gorgeous. So love the colors and the general emotion.

  5. Amalie says:

    This is absolutely stunning! I love the use of color in this piece.

  6. I love the affection between the mother and child, so peaceful, yet strong. The tree illuminates them. Beautiful.

  7. Andrea Potos says:

    This piece is sumptuous in every way, warm and serene and mysterious all in one.

  8. Kim Werfel says:

    Love the curved, organic shapes throughout – no hard geometrics or straight lines. Love too how the tree’s bright warm pinks and oranges curve over the mother and child protectively sheltering them. Their peaceful faces beautifully express their quiet love.

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