Allyson Whipple – Dismantling Legacies

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Years ago, did Yorktown guess, amidst the buzz

and brawl of war, one of their own would stab

colors of our flag into Iwo Jima soil? Did

everyone cheer? Or did some residents have a tiff,

get fed up, refuse to care? America managed to entrench

images of heroism from that war. (But now? The Middle East? Swaraj?)

Kismet, peace, goodwill: we wish, but it seems our prayers grow dull.

Men are not always heroes of their stories. What have we won?

On the subject of the rest of the world, who would back us up?

Quenching homicidal tendencies with war after war:

still a viable solution. And we’re making the most of it.

Understand: we’ll be our own demise. Factory farm, smoke stack, RV.

War is only a piece of it. Here’s some pine. Build your own box.




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  1. Marie Mader says:

    This is some very powerful writing. We do have these feelings each day as we hear the news, but, Alice, you have really captured this feeling with force. Wonderful!

  2. Kavanaugh says:

    I enjoyed your words – sounding something like an echo of the whoosh of an express subway train in Chicago – then ‘here’s some pine. build your own box’ and my subway train image came screeching into the next stop, sparks flying.

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