Anora Sutherland – Dangling Heart

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You  hang my heart each time

You choose to come.

You allot your days,

How long you’ll stay,

When you’ll go.

My only choice is to say no.


You’ll hang my heart,

And I’ll have to heal it again,

To seal it and en-whole it,

Until I don’t give a shit,

Don’t care what you do.

Thinking I don’t care about you.


You knock again,

By phone or by mail.


Welcome, I say,

Believing in a fairy tale.

Thinking this time you’ll stay

And love more, and complete

This alliance so entangled in years.



Feed on my attention,

My devotion,

My patient compliance.


And when you go

My heart tolls.

The church bells peal

The end.


I think it’s grief,

But that’s only true

Because I disengage

The rage that tears through

That would close you out.


And what’s my part?

Til now I never knew.

It always was on you.


Now I see I leave behind

A dangling heart

Slung from the line.


Dangling as if it were free.


I want to throw the blame on you

But my conscience is too aware

I must bear my share.



Fed my attention to you

My devotion too

My patient compliance.


There could be no hanging,

No hanging heart,

If there were no…

No dangling start.



Anora Sutherland is a writer and a poet originally from Massachusetts, now calling central North Carolina home.

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  1. Catherine Bates says:

    Greetings Anora, such lovely stories and poems. Thank you so much, your voice is so clear.

  2. Marie Mader says:

    Anora….This is such an emotionally wrenching poem. I truly felt all the feelings you wrote. You are a very gifted writer.

    • Catherine Bates says:

      I echo Marie. The passage she highlights is incredible. I felt it repeating in my mind for it is indelible Thank you so much, you are a very gifted writer.

  3. When Women Waken says:

    Thank you so much for reading this and commenting. I find every comment causes me to read my own work with an extra attention, learning more from it, feeling it more. Much appreciated Catie and Marie. — Anora

  4. Kavanaugh says:

    Each line pulled me further. And what a great knowing last line!

  5. Wow. Gripping. And beautiful!

    • When Women Waken says:

      Thank you very much for reading this Mary Ann. It’s amazing how much pain can be bundled up and and made bearable in these creative word pieces. – Anora

  6. RiMo says:

    How many of us have felt this way, been in this kind of relationship? Conventional words call it “unrequited love,” but this poem gives us so many more apt words that conjure memories that conjure feelings that conjure pain soul deep. Respect, and thank you for giving your poetic voice to us!

  7. Stirring words that awaken mixed emotions – I took a deep breath after reading this. Simply lovely.

  8. Anora, this poem is so painful to read, yet its universality touches me deeply. Your writing is rich, spare, and fully realized.

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