Anora Sutherland – Seeing

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We meet between

Then and when,

There and where.


Both of us,

Thick and grayed,

Wrinkled and worn.


You invite a hug

I adhere to form.


Nothing like my surrender

At age ten plus four,

When your two years older

Was like a dozen,

And you were everything

I wanted to be but wasn’t.


We meet because

We’ve always met again

Trying to be friends

Though one or the other

Is never content.


Sitting for tea

I gaze your way

Blue eyes, gray speckled goatee.

It's my brother staring back at me!


I blink.

I’m afraid.

Like twins now,

You look the same.


Turn away.

Turn back.

Blink my eyes again.


My mother is walking

My baby brother and me,

When I was one or two or three.


Walkers-by stop and exclaim,

My what beautiful blue eyes

And blond hair he has!


Their gaze missing mine,

Brown-haired, brown-eyed and plain,

He can't be yours, they'd say.


Mom, brown-haired and eyed,

Smiles and sighs. Yes.

My husband’s family

Has the fairer coloring.


They think I don't understand,

If they think of me at all,

I was only one or two or three.


But I’ll fall in love with blonds

With blue eyes for decades

Before awakening.


Soon it’s time to go.

You don’t know what I saw

And I don’t say.

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  1. Kerry Holjes says:

    Thank goodness, we usually do awaken. Such a lovely way to remind everyone that words do matter. Anora, this poem speaks directly to my heart.

    • When Women Waken says:

      Thank you for choosing it Kerry. Some poems are bridges to another state of being.
      – Anora

  2. Marie Mader says:

    Anora….Again I am moved by your writing. Do you have a book of your poems. I love your work.

    Marie Mader

    • When Women Waken says:

      Thank you Marie, sweeter words a writer could not ask for! I’m have unfinished collections! ; ) Maybe your interest will be a tipping point! Thank you for the many comments you are sharing on the When Women Waken site. Our contributors are supported, encouraged, inspired and affirmed by them!
      – Anora

  3. Naomi Shaw says:

    Beautiful, hope-filled words that remind us that it is never too late to break those binding words to walk free. My freedom came when I heard, and slowly started to believe, the Words of Life from our Heavenly Father. I am forever changed…and being changed forever.
    Thank you for your work. I am a fan!

  4. Julie Davies says:

    This left me feeling very emotional. We really do carry all those little hurts from childhood around with us all our lives, don’t we? You struck such a strong chord with me. Sometimes I think higher intelligence/consciousness is a curse, but without it we also wouldn’t be able to be awe-struck by the sheer glory of the universe.

    • Anora says:

      Thank you so much Julie. The gift of sharing your felt response invite me to experience my own work again, more deeply. I’m so glad I finally saw your comment. — Anora

  5. Anora,

    This poem went straight to my heart, tugging there and calling me to listen to old wounds that whisper for healing. Your writing is beautiful and offers so gently the reminder that our words can be either instruments of creation and healing or weapons for pain and destruction. Thank you for sharing the gift of your work.


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