Bekah Steimel – Who I Thought I Was

June 30, 2014 | By | 7 Replies More

is a stranger to me now

what I thought was necessity

turned out to be indulgence

where I thought I was headed

ended up being the wrong direction

when I thought I had a shitty hand

I was dealt the Queen of Hearts

why I’m writing this ridiculous poem

is to remind myself

all habits can be kicked and broken

I, however,

cannot be.




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  1. Naomi Shaw says:

    Strength of character, a tenacious resilience comes through these few words.

  2. Chialin says:

    Contradictions arouse from harmonious consonances. Sometimes I question myself why I did this or that, but all those things I now consider strange to do are, after all, still a part of my past, therefore a part of myself.

  3. bekah steimel says:

    I appreciate the comments…I really do.

  4. What an honest, raw, piece of writing! There is a certain compassion that comes with our becomings…that shines through in your piece! Thank you!

    #writebrave #likeagirl

  5. BethAnne Kapansky says:

    What a beautiful reflection on becoming. I think a lot of our shitty hands are Queen of hearts- I love how you phrased that. There is hard earned wisdom spoken in this piece. Thank you for sharing.

  6. A lovely piece indeed. To an extent, I relate to it.

  7. Amen! I understand completely and love the way you expressed your feelings.

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