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Eve Alice Mason

Eve by Alice Mason

Dear God:

Dear God doesn’t sound a proper salutation; there’s no recipient address because I’m not sure where Heaven is.

I’ll just begin by saying as a creator, you could made human nature less bloodthirsty—even less indifferent so we wouldn’t boil what we eat while it‘s still alive. And the arrogance  to rule everything. How can man be made in your image when we’re destroying the planet? And keep having wars with rape the common side dish?

As a maker of countless galaxies, you could’ve come up with a better combination than the closely related land mines of love and sex. And why a virgin birth? And you could’ve planned things better so whole species don’t keep dying out.

I do not see much evidence that you are Love when, in order to live, we must eat living things. The world’s full of the dying from lack of food and water, not to mention earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and epidemics. War lords prosper.

At least when you’re in Heaven, it’s easier to guess about such commandments such as “I am the Lord thy God.” In that famous icon of your finger stretching to meet Adam’s, they do not meet. Michelangelo‘s ceiling fresco portrays Eve so  small as if a different species, an onlooker in shadow.

It is said many unbelievers pray to you when they are about to die. Aging, by the way, the indignity of falling apart, isn’t a gracious precursor to you. The Greeks had goddesses too and didn’t pile on guilt and fear. Still, would we pray if we weren’t afraid of the afterlife, of “weeping and gnashing of teeth” mentioned seven times in the Bible?

My conclusion is that deities are of human origin, and I am not sure if my prayers come from conditioning in the first grade when the nun said if we were bad the cracks in the floor would widen and we’d fall into Hell, or from some deeper need.

Since men acquired power in patriarchal tribes (and things change slowly), you are a male god. Why did so many women become saints for refusing men? Have  the rules for canonization changed?

Women need new paths. To find our way out of the old labyrinths requires more than one lifetime.



Lily Alger Hyde


Author’s Note:  Excerpt from Lily’s Odyssey (print novel 2010) published with permission by All Things That Matter Press. Its first chapter was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award in Best New Writing.

Carol Smallwood began writing fiction after returning to college to take creative writing classes following her retirement. From Michigan, she is the author of many books, on library science, and, one on Women on Poetry. She founded and supports humane societies that promote spaying and neutering of cats and dogs and adoption from animal shelters.

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  1. Jill Coyle says:

    Well stated and thought provoking! I enjoyed reading this.

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