Catherine Bates – The Christmas Pig

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The Ancient Chinese Character for Abundance designed in clay by Catherine Bates

The Ancient Chinese Character for Abundance designed in clay by Catherine Bates

Keri Lyn was depressed, plodding one foot after another up the back stairs of One Square Apartments. She was working at 10:30 on Christmas morning, providing respite care in public housing for a family of two. She opened the second-story stairwell door to see a huge pig standing in front of the door. Keri Lyn held her breath in amazement and then began to laugh. The pig was alone.

The pig was large and fat, a pleasant pink color. She had on a collar, which informed Keri Lyn that she must belong to someone—only no one was with her at that moment. Keri Lyn looked down the corridor. Except for the big pig, the hallway was quiet and normal. A long time passed while she stood with the pig in the hallway. A door finally opened and a middle-aged woman emerged. She looked at Keri Lyn and said nothing.

“Hi, is this your pig?” Keri Lyn asked.

“I see you’ve met Daisy. She’s a therapy pig. Can you help me?” she asked.

Now Keri Lyn laughed. Keri Lyn laughed her ass off. And I, the writer, could also laugh.

What do you see when you want to know what path to take in life? Do you sit complacently by and think, “This is what happened, that is what happened.”? Or do you laugh at that ah-ha moment when the jewel is finally visible, the jewel in the rough?

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  1. When Women Waken says:

    What a very neat story Miss C. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us. I’d never heard of such a thing, but I hear pigs are so very intelligent, I’d love to interact with some.

    And thank you very much for sharing your exquisite porcelain pieces. I really enjoy feeling and imagining ways that they represent and address the theme of knowing. Please consider submitting again for future issues. – Anora

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