Crystal McGaha – Soul Soaring

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Award-Winning Martial Artist Crystal McGaha

Award-Winning Martial Artist Crystal McGaha when she’s not writing poetry, working and going to college

Caught a glimpse of the directions

with light streaming in and out

couldn’t see where I was heading

unconcerned about the how

when they’re only words on paper

found that I could do without


Though it’s difficult not knowing

I knew where I was going

what I couldn’t see in reality

I didn’t know for sure

believed the dreams moving in front of me

would open the door


and I arrived, paused to take a look around

driven by the heart and mind

never had to look down

alive inside I couldn’t slow

enlightened I let go


and I fell, shell shattered

soul soaring

walls stripped away

the world wide open for exploring


lost appetite and track of time

an overwhelming feeling

on the brink

an adrenaline sink

dreams don’t have a ceiling


a sparkling wave of headlights

a twinkle in my eyes

through falling found a calling

here I am and I know why


Crystal McGaha is a poet and black belt martial artist. Her poetry has been published in several issues of When Women Waken. She has a BA in Complementary and Alternative Health and is working on her MA. From North Carolina, Crystal now lives and works in Florida and enjoys reading, writing, nature exploration, and traveling. Connect with Crystal on LinkedIn.


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  1. Jasmine says:

    This made me think of the dreams we have, the choices we make and where life takes us from there… There are so many different roads we can take and so many different directions we can choose. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes we don’t know where we’re going or what lies ahead, but whatever we do, wherever we go, we are carving a path for ourselves and others, and that will lead somewhere. We just have to believe and listen to our hearts. The heart shows the way.

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