Deer Spirit by Kim Werfel

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Deer Spirit by Kim Werfel

Pastel painting

“Deer Spirit” was my first deer painting.  I had just moved into my new home in Chatham County, and was amazed and totally captivated by these astoundingly beautiful and graceful wild beings that appeared outside my windows.  This “teenaged” fawn was outside my office when I took her photo.  The blue asphalt of the street behind her was changed into water and I found myself softening the edges around her unconsciously creating a halo effect.  It was different from anything I had painted before, as I usually paint quite realistically.  I decided to leave it looking a bit ethereal, I liked the effect.  The first person to see her her during the Chatham Studio Tour bought her.  I was actually kinda sad to see her go.  This lead to more deer paintings.

Kim Werfel is an award-winning pastel painter with a specialty in commissioned portraits of people, pets and animals. She holds her BFA from NYIT and her Masters in Art Ed from LIU, CW Post, NY. A juried Associate Member of the Pastel Society of America and The Chatham Artist’s Guild, Kim participates in the yearly Studio Tour. Born in Brooklyn, NY, she now resides in Pittsboro, NC with her husband Eric and her beloved bichon frisé Summer.

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  1. candice falloon says:

    i love your cherishing…… i have to recapture that with deer. i had a herd living in my backyard. in NJ, we live so crowded and asphalted, so little space exists for the deer, so they live very closely among us….. and it’s not so bad when it’s just mom and dad and the kids, but it’s when they invite the relatives over to eat every living thing off your property….. i ruefully admit to having lost some of the magic of deer. though when i moved here last year, and a startling gang of four “teenagers” would come up my driveway here in Chatham county, i must admit, i’m warming up to them. Like clockwork, they appeared every single day, bounding across the street below, skittish up my driveway the size of Idaho, out here in the country, i am beginning once again to feel rooted to nature, this earth, these precious moments with graceful beings. the sheen of just being part of the magic.

  2. Bonnie Korta says:

    I love the tender juxtaposition of flora and fauna ,the soft Impressionism of your style and the gorgeous colors you use to tell a story that is more than a picture .

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