2014 Delight

Delight Issue of When Women Waken

Table of Contents

Cover Artist, Leah Thompson

Table of Contents by Last Name

 Letter from the Editor

Cover Artist, Leah Thompson, Intro

In order alphabetically by FIRST NAME

Alison King, Cardiff, South Wales

Tea Break

Amalie Cantor, Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Architectured Dreams

Andrea Potos, Wisconsin, USA

A Rome Morning
It Happens in Greece

Anjali Deshpande, London, UK

 A Summer Haiku

Anne Barnhill, North Carolina, USA

Log Cabin Confinement
Sacrament Beneath the Hemlocks

BethAnne Kapansky, Anchorage, Alaska, USA


Camilla Trinchieri, New York, NY, USA


Carol Walsh, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Power and Poise 

Carolyn Gregory, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Landscape Washed by Fire    
One Bed Becomes Another

Carolyn Steele, Annandale, Virginia, USA

Curious Kiwi 
Lizard Landing 

Cathy Hird, Chatsworth, Ontario, Canada

 Shaken Loose 

Chialin Yu, Taiwan, China

Bitter, Sweet

Chris Durietz, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Fall Monarch
Jacuzzi Turtle
Lizard Lips

Diana Zimmerman, Washington, USA

Before The End (Of Summer) 
Sea Turtle Dream 

Elaine Diadenko, Ukraine & Chicago, Illinois, USA

Full Moon
Show Me the Way

Erica Jones and Dixie Jones, Camarillo, California, USA

Ladies Who Lunch
Opening Night
Tutu Girls

Gloria Gonsalves, Tanzania & Germany

Disco Inferno
 Snowy Tidings

Jenuine Poetess, Waco, Texas, USA

[sworn allegiance]

Jill Coyle, South Carolina, USA

My Lizard Runs
Snow Day

Joan Leotta, North Carolina, USA


JoAnn LoSavio, Decatur, Georgia, USA

Bikini Bottom Ballad

Julie Davies, Rural Australia

“We Did It”

Kavanaugh, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mountain Curves
Trusting Soles

Kerry Holjes, North Carolina, USA

Three Poems 
Goldfish shimmer
Japanese maple

LaNelle Davis and Beth Goldston, North Carolina, USA

Mosaic on Brick, Unnamed
Mosaic Mural Making

Leah ThompsonRoanoke, Virginia, USA

Celtic Dancer
Spirit Dancer, Cover Art

Leslie Moon, San Francisco, California, USA

Changing Tide

Lijun Lei, China and Los Angeles, California, USA

My Love

Lori Michelle Hawks, Newport, Rhode Island, USA 

Honor the Light
On Pins and Needles

Maria Mazziotti Gillan, New Jersey, USA

This Is How Memory Works 

Mary McMillan Terry, Tennessee, USA

Touching Days
Wait the Resonance

Mary Orovan, New York, New York, USA

Three Poems
Snapdragon Summer
Glad I

Meena Rose, Oregon, USA

Write Me Something Beautiful

Melissa Hassard, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA


 Melissa Peacock, Surrey, Canada

Blue Butterfly

Melony Bethala, York, United Kingdom 

Dublin Night

Müesser Yeniay, Ankara, Turkey

Let’s Go to Sleep
The Cat

Nanette Zeller, North Carolina, USA

The Perfect Storm
Becoming an Artist

Roisin Kelly, Cork City, County Cork, Ireland

The Headless Woman

Sally Wiener Grotta, New York City, USA

Spreading My Petals Wide  (Photo & Essay)

Sarah McTeer Ogburn, North Carolina, USA

Cloudy with a Chance of Star Showers

Sarah Unsicker, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

A Child Delights in Words

Sharon Blessum, North Carolina, USA

Sandwich & Wisdom

Sheila Kumar, Bangalore, India

The light

Susan Bridgers, North Carolina, USA

Delight in the Day’s Light

Suzanne Kamata, Shikoku, Japan

Lilia in the Metro

Sylvia Freeman, North Carolina, USA

Harbour Flowers

Wendy Webb, California, USA

Of Shells and Ships and Sealing Wax

Zita Fogarty, Sydney, Australia

Between the Sea and the Land 

  Spirit-Dancer-by-Leah-Thompson (2)