Farm on a Hill by Marilyn Penrod

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Farmhouse on a Hill by Marilyn Penrod

Farmhouse on a Hill by Marilyn Penrod

Farmhouse on the Hill

Acrylic on canvas

11” x 14” plus frame

A familiar scene in the rolling landscape of Orange County, NC.  Farmhouse speaks of abundant fields of rich red earth, fresh herbs and vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants; of pick-your-own farms, roadside stands and farmer’s markets.   The farm is the source of sustenance and nourishment for the body, the people and the ecosystem.  As such, it both feeds and is the soul of the community.


MARILYN PENROD is a Chapel Hill, NC resident and artist. She has studied locally and afar and practices her art along with other artists in her studio.  Exhibitions of her art have been in one-woman and group shows in the Research Triangle.  More at


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  1. S.K. Yuan says:

    I love this painting and think it’s a fantastic choice for the cover of this issue! The purple is tantalizing and draws my eyes in. And I am intrigued by the placements of the windows.

  2. Beatriz says:

    I also love this for the cover–the colors are amazing and the textures are intriguing!

  3. Thank you all for your generous praise. I think the editor did a great job framing the painting in lavender. The NC landscape renders a beauty that I find irresistible to portray in enthusiastic colors.

    I am honored to display my art with this fabulous magazine for and by women.

  4. Beatriz says:

    I visited your website–Wow! I am emailing you about prices…

  5. Kelly DuMar says:

    Marilyn, I admire that you have a talent for creating visual images of spiritual landscapes. What if this was my home, I wonder? What would it be like to live in these soul drenching colors and moods? You’ve made a home I will try to live in today. Thank you

  6. Shell Morton says:

    I love this painting. The use of colour suggests a welcome awaits. It’s a great choice for the cover, very clearly visualising the talent of women in many mediums.

  7. Tim Leatham says:

    lovely painting, the colours are wonderful

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