Genevieve Guedra – The Pain of Knowing

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Vacantly gazing out
They’re trying to seize
The meaning of a world
That is within their grasp
No more.

By obscure fears,
The mocking ray rises
From behind the frontline
To play on their foreheads
For a while.

Knocking endlessly,
Penetrates the mind
Waking up the ghost voices
The inhabiting audience,
In their heads.

The figures,
Continuously haunting them
Bring disrupted thoughts
Like particles, sailing their way
Along electrical connections
And neurons.

Born from anxiety
Ungoverned gestures
Are repeatedly activated
To relieve them from being
In the know

Knowing of
Inexorable deteriorations
A predictable future.
Having been revealed
The secret of death

But slow.

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  1. J.B says:

    The pain of knowing. All is in the title.
    The poem deals very unexpectingly with the issue.
    It leaves me thoughtful.

    Thank you.

  2. Genevieve Guedra says:

    Hello JB,
    Thank you very much your post.
    I meant to put the emphasis on the ambivalent aspect of knowing and being contronfed to the reality of your own mortality. People afflicted with serious diseases often have an acute vision of this.
    The title is an obvious reference to S.T. Coleridge (The Pain of Sleep) in which he is repeatedly visited his ‘demons’ at night while trying to rid himself of his addiction to laudanum.
    I’m not dealing with withdrawal symptoms here, but I wanted to show that having access to essential truths can result in similar pains or states.
    Hope this gives you some more insight.

  3. Mmmm…this piece, rings so true and cuts to the quick.

    Knocking endlessly,
    Penetrates the mind
    Waking up the ghost voices
    The inhabiting audience,
    In their heads.:

    There is no going back, no returning to ingnorance, no unknowing once we have become aware. And yes, painful it is, so often.

    Thank you for this piece! Write on!

  4. Genevieve, I am more a prose writer, so don’t read much poetry, but quite liked your imagery and message.

    • Genevieve Guedra says:

      Thank you very much for the kind words and for reading this little piece. Hope to discover your universe in turn sometime… 😉

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