Gloria D. Gonsalves – When a Pleasure Giver Seizes Your Body

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And when a pleasure giver last arrives,
To seize your body with doings,
You must give in.

You have been innocent and unaware,
A maiden to ways of bodily pleasure.

Respond not joyfully,
To hasty direct manoeuvres,
That seduce your body not,
To eloquent state of being wanted.

Until wantonly treatment is guaranteed,
No soul should be granted a lesson,
Even a holder of PhD in heavenly satisfaction.

Never admit to knowing nothing. You know how to be treated.

Finally that time to be worshiped arrives,
Go through it only when feeling ready.

Invite the deserved to your hidden petals,
Fear not the nectarine applaud of your temple.


You might meet your Creator with your mouth,
As you sing praises to your pleasure giver.

God is there alright, dwelling
With every breath and pant you make.
Thank him, for showing you love
Disguised in an unruly act.

Be grateful for being brave
Where regrets are not welcomed.

You have galloped to womanhood.
Emerge head held high.

Gloria D. Gonsalves is devoted to writing poetry and tales for children and adults. Her literary works aim to support humanitarian projects and inspire creativity in others, especially children. She is also a contributing author/poet to online magazines, platforms and journals. Occasionally she writes opinion pieces for newspapers. Not just a writer, Gloria is a creative promoter for writing itself: She has founded World Children’s Poetry Day (WoChiPoDa), an initiative aimed at instilling the love of poetry in young people. Originally from Tanzania, she lives in Germany now.

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