2013 Fall – Grief

When Women Waken Fall 2013 -3When Women Waken is an online literary journal publishing fresh voices and images primarily in English from around the world.

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Sue Fulton, North Carolina, USA

Cover Photograph

Barbara Bos, Spain and Kerry Holjes, USA

Consulting Editors

Anora McGaha, North Carolina, USA

Cover Design & Managing Editor


Table of Contents

Contents by First Name of Contributor

Alana Sherrill, North Carolina, USA

Study in Sorrow 

angela jackson-brown

Yearning for a Savior  

we cut

Ann Churcher

Signposts: A True Story

 Annette Thomson, Scotland

Losing My Religion

Aradhna Sethi, India 

Good grief!

BethAnne Kapansky

Woman Interrupted 

Camilla Trinchieri, New York, NY (USA)

Like the Sea

Tear Within the Eye

Carol Bouville, Maryland (USA)

Climate Change


Carol Smallwood

A Picnic

Catherine Meara

Letter to My Aunty

Christine Murray, Ireland


Constance B. Wilder 

The Painting

Crystal McGaha, Florida (USA)

Distant Me

Your Undiluted Gray

Deborah McCullough, Arizona (USA)

Where Hope Goes to Die

Donna Falcone

If Hearts Had Handles

Eileen Tull

A Letter to My Dead Friend 

Ellen Leiserson

Mable Ellen’s Slippers

Reason Enough to Live

Emily Sovich, USA

After the Funeral

Emma McCarthy

The Catch

Faith Paulsen

Working Late

Florence Olajumoke Williams, Nigeria

Violent Grief 

Glenis Redmond, South Carolina (USA)

Titled Bowl

I Lost the Baby

Gloria Garfunkel

Iraq Insomnia

Hannah Brockbank

May Day

Helen Fletcher

With Warmth


Holly J Mayes, Michigan (USA)

The Middle Child

Jaki Shelton Green, North Carolina (USA)

humble light

Janna Vought


Jennifer Verdolin, North Carolina (USA)


Joan Leotta

Stages of Grief

Julie Davies, Australia

Summer’s Lease

Julie Davies

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Kait Heacock

Postcards from Montana

Kassandra Pena, California (USA)

His Goodbye

Kelly DuMar

Where My Real Mother Lives


Kerry Holjes, North Carolina (USA)

Abuse Counselor 

Kristin Prescott

Through the Eyes of a Child

Lav Chintapalli, North Carolina (USA)

The Unraveling

Linda Parsons Marion

Where the Wild Dreams Are

M.J. Iuppa, New York State (USA)

Three Poems

Maria Sutherland, Maryland (USA)

Morning Tears 

Mourning Blues

Martha Lukens, Liberia

Shell and Rock

Maura MacNeil

Widow Body


Marilyn Hammick

Three Poems

Mimi Herman, North Carolina, USA

Behind Enemy Lines

Ni‘mah Isma‘il Nawwab, Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Nina Sankovitch, New York (USA)

The Permanent Guest: Grief  

Núria Añó, Spain


Pamela L. Taylor, North Carolina (USA)

In Autumn, While You Lay Dying

At Night I Dream of Trains

Paula Dawn Lietz (PD Lietz), Manitoba, Canada

And the River Still Flowed


Priya Devalia

The Old Queen

Ree McDowell


Ruth Everson

Two Poems

Sarah McTeer Ogburn, North Carolina (USA)

A Prayer

Garden Party

At Clover Meadow

Susan Abbott

Iris and Her Buds

Susan Baker, North Carolina (USA)


Susanne Doring, Amman, Jordan


Stephanie Mesler

Interment and Goodbye

Sue Fulton, North Carolina (USA)


Sylvia Freeman, North Carolina (USA)

Losing Faith



Tracy McAlister Mackay


Victoria A. Brownworth

On the Occasion of Your Passing


Vivian Fumiko Chin, California, USA

You Take this Form and Fill it up

 Zvezdana Rashkovich, Dubai

Forever Her Son