Hannah Mackay – Empathy #2

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You know how to open –
Not like a fan, broadening,
Unpleating yourself;
More like a lung, propelled
By the movement of diaphragm, muscles and
Ribs, drawing the world inside
You know how to open, like a
Vista, on reaching a hard-won summit;
Like a vent, letting fragrance blow
Through your airfullness;
Like a blind, rolling up to
Shower your hidden self
With light from the world outside.

But to open, you need great
Safety, or courage, you need
Company, and choiceful, hard-won
Awareness, you need your
Eyes, or your pebbles dropped on the
Path to find your way back to

You know how to open –
Not like a shop on a Saturday
Morning, letting in people eager to buy;
More like a pathway into a
Forest in fairytales, shadowy
Wilderness, myriad ways into the mysteries of
Strange worlds outside.

You know how to open, and yes,
You know how to close –
Not like a final remark in an
Argument, a summing up, a completion;
More like the door on a nightclub
Full to capacity, like
Winter nights, the dampening darkening year, like a
Blind coming down, shading a screen, like a
Lung expelling clouds of smoke,
You know how to close like the
Dented screw cap on an
Empty bottle of gin.

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