Hannah Mackay – Expertise

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I stand on the edge of the moor,
A sense of foreboding building, binding my feet.
An open space I am loath to step into,
To step out. Surfacing—my attachment to paths
To direction, to taking the road less travelled.
I am no lone wolf, no cat who walks by himself,
My herd nature endears to me the well-worn furrows,
The old ways drawing my steps forward, the tracks
Of the ancestors leading me on.

But I stand on the edge of the moor;
I am called, as many have been called before me,
Into a land beyond paths. Before me
The place of the unknown, mystery, questions,
To walk with, dance with, lay in a nest by the
Side of my bed as I sleep.
My mind in my feet, each step a choice.
My mind in the sky, my mind in the contours
And valleys, the drop away cliffs, the drip of the plants in the stream.

Beyond paths worn by the need
To reach destinations, find the quickest,
The best, the most human route,
The moor draws me to move in circles,
To follow the dew as it slips down a grass stalk
And up into soaring air-tracks of swallow flight—
Keep breathing, mind opens to myriad ways
The bees’ lurch, lift and land, the seeds’ breathless glide,
The waterfall spraying rainbows upwards in the wind.


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