Honor the Light by Lori Michelle Hawks

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Admire sailboats


atop glossy waves.


Become a child,

knees tucked

heart bending

towards the Earth.


Wait silently,

remaining still.


Flex the tendons

of each foot

outward, like webs,

then tuck them

back in

like little hermits.


Become a table,

where arms and knees

behave like wooden legs.


Spend a moment

as a cat,

pushing the spine


into a graceful arch

of tiny vertebrae.


Stand tall,

and salute the sun.


Dive forward

with two hands

as if to say:

Embrace me,

Take all there is.


Move more slowly,


with each breath.


Dive forward

pressing fingers

palm to palm,

as if prepared

to pray.


Reach for hope

and then reach


and deeper

for faith.


Bow slightly;

the soul is free

of Earthly weights.


Become alive

by simply being,

and be content

inside of nothing

but a vessel

made of stars.



Lori Michelle Hawks was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 27. She has blogged about her experience with this disease, and most recently, has begun struggling with infertility. Lori uses her interest in writing to spread awareness about the deceptive nature of invisible illness. She has taught composition and English for eleven years.www.myscarletletters.org

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  1. Lori, your poem radiates light. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Lee Nash says:

    I love the balance in this poem. It is at once a direction for our bodies to move and to experience sensation, and at the same time a call to simply be. There is this childlike quality yet we are well aware of the wisdom and faith of the author.

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