If Hearts Had Handles by Donna Falcone

November 30, 2013 | By | 4 Replies More

will i carry a heart
this heavy

if hearts had handles
i could hold on
keep it steady

but there’s just
no place to grab
nothing to clutch
and press against
my body for

how will
i carry
a heart
this heavy
filled with the
breathless sound
of watching
you go


will i carry
my heart


Donna Falcone is an emerging writer  and poet. Follow her on twitter @BrighterSideBlg , visit her blog thebrightersideblog.blogspot.com and website, “The Brighter Side” aboutLiving with Lyme disease  thebrightersidelivingwithlyme



Category: Grief, Issues, Poetry, When Women Waken Literary Journal

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  1. Zvezdana says:

    How will I carry my heart? Gorgeous and so sad, loved it.

  2. Wendy Mauro says:

    In the interest of self, disclosure, I know the writer – “If Hearts Had Handles” remains one of my favorite poems, for its words embody great depth of emotion with simplicity.

  3. Beautiful, and leaves me with such a strong image of a heart with handles, like an ancient Greek vase, carried so gently by a line of weeping women.

  4. Leslie Waugh says:

    Donna, the title of this piece pulled me in immediately. I was carried along by the imagery and flow of your words through the poignant passage and its sense of aftermath. Lovely.

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