Jeannie McGinnis – Thailand Traffick

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My parents exchange

Big money to new large hands;

I am leaving here.


Full-sized hands are rough.

I hurt; bleed and raw down there.

Please will you stop now?


Chilli powder stings.

They put in private places

To crush my spirit.


I do not comply.

Cages and bars put me in

A cramped sick prison.


We weep and we plead.

Huge coarse hands, they cruelly strike.

They will beat us more.


They like young, too young

We remind of innocence.

Innocence is lost.


Be silent, they will

Rescue us, the silent ones.

Just a bit longer.


Author’s Note: Poetry can express the inexpressible.  Thailand Traffick was my response to the first exposure I had to sex trafficking in Asia more than seven years ago.  It left me undone and led to my current work with rescued survivours of human trafficking here in the UK.

Jeannie McGinnis is an American who has lived in Northern England over a decade and has written a novel, short stories, poetry, radio plays and a short screenplay. She also has a pod cast where she narrates her short stories. She is a mother, model, voice artist, actor and TV presenter but her greatest passion is being a caseworker with women rescued from human trafficking. Visit her blog at for views on culture, humour, writing, modelling, health and transformation. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. Tanisha Jackland says:

    Haunting. This piece is raw and honest in a way that breaks my heart. It’s a sad thing to take those girls having to go through such torture of the soul and body. It’s a disgusting thing that needs zero tolerance. There should be stiff penalties for such a gross act of human indifference. A fine write that needs to be heard.

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