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Safekeeping by Sarah McTeer Ogburn

Safekeeping by Sarah McTeer Ogburn

In an empty park
beyond aged play things
a mother sits
with her child,
dusty shelves
dirty dishes
endless laundry
removing her baby
to see him once again
to realize the gift
of his laughter
as he tosses it to the sun.


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  1. Love that final image! And yes, enjoying a child’s laughter is so much more important than keeping the house tidy.

  2. So nice to see your comment all the way from Japan, Suzanne! Thank you! K.

  3. Cathy Hird says:

    Simple. Vivid images. You portray the need to escape from the house so well. There is a sense of rediscovery in the child’s laughter. Thank you.

  4. Mary Bast says:

    Degroot Carter lyrically captures a quality not all young mothers will admit, that in the dusty shelves, dirty dishes, and endless laundry, it’s easy to forget how beautiful our children are, and it takes an escape to remember it. I love short poems with a surprising and fresh last line, and “Imprint” is perfect.

  5. Love the sentiment expressed between poem and art – well-matched!

  6. Mary Orovan says:

    Compact and heart-felt. Every word well thought out–love the last line.

  7. Karen Carter says:

    Thank you so much, Mary! Cheers from Denver, K.

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