Kavanaugh – Full Stop

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A hurricane does not stall death:
The night nurse phoned and said
“It’s time you came.” I dressed then
Drove against the shouting wind.

An antiseptic brilliant floor led me
To my husband’s room.
Where he lay, cocooned in sheets.
His face in death seemed twenty-four, not sixty-three.

“I can’t stand up my knees are weak.” I said to no one there.
“I don’t know where my bones have gone.”
“I can’t breathe. I can’t believe I’m all alone!”
The oxygen machine was mute. It didn’t care.

Hurricane or not,
Death does not wait.
Life ends. That’s it.
Full stop.


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  1. How beautifully you write about her sorrow. I can feel her loneliness. Lovely

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