Kerry Holjes – Entangled

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In the silence

between his words,

I sense the truth—

the staggering


of charged particles,

dancing their eternal


in perfect synchronicity.

My mind races

toward awareness,

rushing beyond

classroom walls

to peer beneath

dark eons of time,

to translate

visceral knowledge

into the language

of mathematical


the metaphysical


too fanciful

for physics

but not

for the quantum


of my choreographed


next to you.



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  1. Sue Fulton says:

    Your words positively dance in this poem!

  2. The last line brought me up short–changed the meaning of the entire poem; so I re-read it with that “knowledge” burrowing beneath the lines. Remarkable!

  3. Jill Coyle says:

    The last line delivers such a nice punch! I love that!

    • Kerry Holjes says:

      Thank you, Jill. I know quantum nonlocality isn’t a subject with which most people are familiar, but I find it irresistibly fascinating.

  4. Kerry Holjes says:

    Thank you, Sally. The idea that two charged particles could be so intricately intertwined that the movement of one is instantaneously (at the exact same time) replicated by the other, even when separated by large distances (potentially even billions of light years), almost as if the universe at large instantaneously arranges its particles in anticipation of future events—is mind boggling to a simple brain like mine. It does, however, open so many tantalizing metaphysical possibilities.

  5. Julie Davies says:

    Well, what a delight that was. Physics has always gone right over my head. Even Hawking’s “Shorter History …” is still out of reach. So I just keep on trying to understand, reading and re-reading. Just like I had to do with your poem. 🙂 You have me wondering who did the choreographing – the universe or you? I was sweet on a science teacher once. hahahaha

    • Kerry Holjes says:

      The choreography would be compliments of the universe and the physical laws that control the movement of charged particles.

      Julie Davis, I enjoy physics only in theory. I have no understanding whatsoever of the advanced math upon which the theory rests.

  6. Leslie Moon says:

    Physics and relationships both complicated subjects.
    Delightful correlation Kerry

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