Lena Ray – Fearing the Monster

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How many times have you
Lied to your child
And said there were no Monsters under the bed?

You knew it was a lie,
Even when you said it.
I call your bluff:
Check under your own bed, hot stuff.

You don’t have to look
You know they’re there:
They come out every night
And mock you—mock your dreams.

Jealousy. Rejection.
Anxiety. Depression.
Money. Fear:
Fear of what tomorrow brings.
Fear of the unknown.

As my monsters
Come out to play,
Sticking out their tongues at me.
I laugh.

I laugh, not because I am not afraid
Not because I don’t also fear
What you and tomorrow may bring.
I laugh

Because you don’t fear me.
And I laugh
Because you should.

I alone know myself:
I alone know what I am capable of.
And, honey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


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  1. Kavanaugh says:

    You made me laugh! You said it right!

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