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June 2015       

Dear Ones,

Sustaining the wild, the wild in ourselves, in our work, and in all that is not made by people, is vital for the future of life on earth.

But you know that.

This issue presents a spectrum of wildlife – from wild animals, wild flowers, mountains, rocks, wild women and even wild poems.

The featured poet is Kathryn Stripling Byer, a brilliant lyrical poet from the American South who has been publicly celebrated for her work. She was the first women to be appointed as North Carolina Poet Laureate. Two of her poems are in this issue, “Wolf Creek,” published for the first time, filled with a haunting wildness, and her canonic “Mountain Time” (from Black Shawl) which has displaced T.S. Elliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” in fascination and meaning for me.

The featured artist is North Carolina artist Shannon Bueker. It is her painting “Fox Front” on the cover. As you’ll notice from the collected images in this issue alone, visual images of wildlife abound, moving, beautiful, powerful images in all kinds of media. I chose Shannon’s work for the cover because of how inherently wild it is in subject and painting style. Shannon is an artist who keeps exploring new media and whose subject matter expresses wildlife at its core. Her work is on display in Pittsboro, North Carolina’s Joyful Jewel arts and fine crafts gallery.

I am grateful, excited and moved by the work that each of the women creatives shared with When Women Waken, some by submission, others by request.

If we listen, if we see, if we take it in and feel, we will be reminded how fragile and rich our wild outer and inner worlds are; and we will be reminded of the urgent need for great care of our selves, our inner selves and our greater outer self, this wild world.

As our 2014 managing editor Kerry Holjes, would write:

“Thank you, my sisters, for contributing your words, your art, your comments and your time.”

Building and creating on a team is very meaningful. I will always owe Kerry Holjes a debt of gratitude for her work on Grief, and her vision in shaping the Power, Knowing and Delight issues. She attracted a talented team of editors for each issue and her insight was appreciated by contributors.

A huge thank you to Sylvia Freeman, Gloria D. Gonsalves, and Paula Dawn Lietz for their financial donations to When Women Waken, which helped cover the costs of ordering proofs. They have contributed beautiful work to many issues of When Women Waken.

Please visit the website often and share your comments with the contributors. Thank you for supporting us by your donations, and by purchasing our issues when they become available.

As perfection is a quality insisted on in the literary world, allow me to acknowledge imperfection here and to invite your tolerance.

Anora McGaha

When Women Waken

North Carolina, USA

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