Maeve O’Sullivan – Perspective

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Beneath this topography she sees:
sandstones shaped by wind and wave,
azurites blue and malachites green;
fossils, remnants of another age,
present her with an insight
to a record no longer extant:
the dinosaur, the trilobite
some footprints, an exotic plant.
These granites primordial –
crystalline intrusions –
now weathered to reveal
our igneous conclusions.
World-weary, she rests on pillow-basalt,
has paleo-dreams in the limestone vault

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  1. Maeve–
    Oh I love this poem! It is so unique. I particularly like, “remnants of another age,
    present her with an insight to a record no longer extant” and “now weathered to reveal
    our igneous conclusions” these lines truly do reveal ‘perspective’. Nicely done!
    Victoria M. Johnson–

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Victoria. This was one of my first poems and is around twenty years old! I studied geology at college, hence the inspiration. It was a ten-line poem for years and I only ‘converted’ it into a sonnet about three years ago! It’s in my collection ‘Vocal Chords’ (Alba Publishing, 2014).

  3. This is a beautiful, visual poem. I can just imagine the woman standing there and observing the makings of the world. How humbling. I also love that it’s a sonnet; it’s like a love poem to your lived experience and to the earth itself. Thank you for sharing!

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