Marcy Corprew – Blamed

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She couldn’t help the way she was built
She comes by it naturally
A right hefty girl
Even with a Mama
Tying a tight band ‘round her bosom to flatten it
Pushing her hips into a stiff girdle to flatten it too
Still you could see…
Big round breasts, heavy hips, and a tiny little waist
She be more built like a woman than a child
And, you better believe
Them boys and them grown-ass-men took notice!
Like they always do!
But what they fail to see was…
Even though her body be blossomy
Like a full-grown woman
Her mind be of a innocent fourteen year old girl
That is…
Up until she be forced into womanhood
And, it be by her mama’s boyfriend
That did the forcing!
See, it was no ways her fault
That…she gets knocked up like she did
At the tender age of fourteen
But she was every bit blamed
Like it was her fault

Marcy Corprew is a native of Virginia. She is currently residing in North Carolina. She is the author of 3 books, Lifetales, An Adventure in Storytelling; The Pretty Saga; and her latest book, Some Good, Some Bad, Some Love. The books are full of compelling poetry, prose and storytelling. Marcy is an award-winning playwright. She has produced several of her original plays.

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  1. This is great storytelling. And aren’t women always blamed for sexual assault when it rears its ugly head. Much depth to this poem. I love the language too…real and honest. Bravo!

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