Marcy Corprew – Katy Belle

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It’s after midnight
The house is dark…

Katy Belle wakes up to a parched throat
She gently slides out of bed
Careful not to disturb him
Not realizing he’s not even there

She makes her way to the kitchen
To get some water


Halfway down the hall
She hears the sound of
Heavy moaning−
Manly moaning

It’s coming from Gloreen’s room

Standing silently in the doorway
She sees his bulkiness pinning Gloreen down
His large stomach
Sprawled on top of her
His head nestled in her breasts

His big hand wraps across Gloreen’s mouth
Smothering her whimpering
Begging for him to stop

She sees too, Gloreen’s fists
Helplessly pounding
On his thick, sweaty, back

Neither one is aware Katy Belle at the door

She stands there trembling
Places her own hand over her mouth
To muffle the scream
That’s at the top of her throat

Slowly she backs away
Quietly returns to her room
And waits for him to come back to bed

The next day…
He leaves for work
Oblivious to what she knows
He kisses her on the cheek
Wishes her a good day

She sits Gloreen down and talks to her
Well, it’s more like she starts charging her
Calling her
A home wrecker!
A whore!
Accusing her of using her
Womanly wiles to entice her man!

See, Katy Belle is not nearly
As endowed as her fourteen year old
Daughter, Gloreen

She’s a short woman
In every sense of the word
She’s short in statute
Short on looks
Short in finances
Short in happiness
And now, short in the understanding
Of Gloreen’s tearful plea
Because for Katy Belle to let on
She understands the pain she sees on
Her daughter’s face
Would mean she
Would then have to give up
The one man she believes
Loves her

She came to a decision
A decision, she felt was best
The very night she stood
At that door and watched
Her boyfriend
Ruin her daughter
And didn’t say or do anything about it
Was the night she formulated
A decision in her mind

Which was:
Gloreen had to go
Not him

She reasoned:
Gloreen has her youth
She’ll be able to get by a lot better
Than an aging woman
Like herself

Katy Belle knew how to swallow hurt
It was easier
Than to face the truth

The truth that her daughter
Her own flesh and blood
Had to endure the horror of
Mind and body violated
And, a mother who wouldn’t protect her

The truth, it wasn’t the first time

Time after time
Gloreen would tell her Mama, Katy Bell
About him sneaking
Into her room late night
Katy Belle never wanted to hear it
Becoming angry at Gloreen for telling her
She’d harshly admonish Gloreen, saying

“You’re full of lies! I got enough
problems, without you making
up stuff! So, stop it!
Or there’s no telling what I’ll take to you!

One of Katy Belle’s problems:
Fear of being alone

She knew all too well
Confronting him would rattle him
She couldn’t take a chance of him
Packing up and walking out
Something he’d already made threats to do

So, it would be Gloreen who would leave

Where would she go?
Didn’t matter
It was obvious that
Katy Belle wanted and needed her man
More than her innocent
Fourteen year old daughter

Marcy Corprew is a native of Virginia. She is currently residing in North Carolina. She is the author of 3 books, Lifetales, An Adventure in Storytelling; The Pretty Saga; and her latest book, Some Good, Some Bad, Some Love. The books are full of compelling poetry, prose and storytelling. Marcy is an award-winning playwright. She has produced several of her original plays.

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  1. When Women Waken says:

    Marcy, You tackle such poignant topics, such realities that are so hard to look at. You do it with a grace, in a way that allows us to hear it, feel it, and take it into our consciousness. The situation is devastating for all three – the mother, her young daughter, and the boyfriend. – Anora

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