Mariah Wheeler – Unexpected Knowing, 1986

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Where I got the courage I don’t know.

I joined “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven,” a class on feminist spirituality, with a group of women each more advanced than I.

Day one I could just watch and listen, but session two with the topic “Power” required participation.

In a guided visualization, we were to think about our lives and areas where we felt powerful.  I really didn’t know of any “power within” or any “power without” as the result of what I did in my life.

After the visualization we were each handed a lump of clay to make something that represented “Power.”   Not being artistic, I thought I might form something simple.  The magic of a full moon always gave me courage.

In order to have something to do while everyone else was forming intricate power symbols, I decided to make a crescent moon rather than just forming a ball.  But the clay kept making lumps and cracks in the wrong places.

Over and over I smoothed the clay and reformed it without seeing a moon.  I just can’t do this I moaned, meaning more than just the clay moon.

Letting the tears flow, I angrily balled up the clay in a tight fist and thrust it onto the table.

When I opened my hand I could not believe my eyes.  I recognized her immediately.  In front of me sitting in perfect repose was a goddess!

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  1. Isn’t it great how the Goddess visits us when we least expect it?

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