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The Seer by Marie MaderCover Art

The Seer


Marie Mader

About The Seer

Marie writes:

I see The Seer as having the gift of knowing beyond our realm of understanding. It’s one of concern and love for others. She began in my mind with the realization that there are many gifted people among us who are guided by a prevailing wisdom. It’s as if they are an anchor to what is truly real and important in life: their insight can be a guide to us to look beyond ourselves to greater love and greater good for all people. There are definitely seers among us who benefit our lives in countless ways. All we have to do is listen.

About the Artist

If asked about the role of art in her life, Marie Mader will tell you that she’s been so influenced by art that to discuss it would be an endless subject. From her childhood to the present, art has been the driving force that forever brings her happiness. As a child, she wasn’t especially interested in toys; she just wanted to draw and to be artistically creative. On weekends, her mother would drive her to the Wisconsin studio of Francesco Spicuzza, a well known impressionist artist, for Saturday morning oil painting lessons. Later she would graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. In addition to creating art, she has taught art, illustrated a cookbook and ventured into jewelry design—presently selling her jewelry at the Von Liebig Art Center in Naples, Florida. She explains that although she still loves oil painting, with the new world of digital art, she has begun creating art on a graphics digital painting tablet.  She told us that the truth was that wherever there were ways to be artistically creative, she would find them and be compelled to try them. In her words, “It is my joy to always have a way to express myself.  It is my way of sharing my innermost feelings.”

And here at When Women Waken, we are extremely grateful that Marie continues to explore her horizons as an artist. When we came across her gallery in her Etsy store, we fell in love with In Trust and The Seer. Originally we planned to use In Trust as the cover, but the mystical quality that saturates The Seer eventually won us over as the perfect cover for an issue dedicated to the feminine art of “Knowing.”

Please visit Marie at her Etsy store and let her know that you learned about her from When Women Waken. Her store can be found at

Marie’s other contribution to When Women Waken, Knowing is titled In Trust. Of it, Marie writes that it was her way to portray her adoration of the creatures of our earth. “My intention was to foster in others the need to show kindness and build the trust of these innocent, beautiful creatures.  It is in being kind that we can find greater ways of bonding and creating a relationship of respect with all of nature.  As human beings, we become greater when we cherish the innocent ones we share the earth with.”

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  1. Tanisha Jackland says:

    This is the perfect cover. it says so much about women and the divine feminine. The colors are deep and I love the hues of blues and grays…The owl really does it for me. It’s my totem and I am so honored to be a part of such a wonderful journal with other like minded women. This picture is a joy to conceive.

    • Marie Mader says:

      Thank you for your admiration of my cover art, ” The Seer”. All women’s issues are so important to me. Encouragement helps us reach new heights. As women we must help each other to be the best we can be.


  2. I agree with Tanisha. I wish I had written her lovely phrased comment but I second it word for word.

    • Marie Mader says:

      Thank you, Zvezdana:

      I deeply appreciate your comments. Encouragement means so much to any artist. It helps us to reach even deeper to express ourselves.


  3. What I most admire about your art is the lack of straight lines. You echo women ‘s ways of knowing, as well as our bodies, with your curves & openings. Women’s knowing is almost never linear, almost always diffuse. Wonderful concept, superb visualization!

  4. Marie Mader says:


    Thank you so very much for your intuitive observation of the nature of my creation, ” The Seer “. I think you were exactly correct because as a person I shy away from geometrical forms, straight lines, and sharp corners. Actually your observations surprised me: they told me something about my art that was there all along, but I never personally recognized it.


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