Marina Sofia – Chasing Your Dreams

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When Theo got off the train in Arles,

the stench and noise hit nostrils and ears,

in cacophonous attack on Boulevard des Lices.


“Of course with a name like Vince you have to paint,”

he told his brother,

“All summer you’ve been squiggling caricatures  in the square,

when tourists come to oogle at the little that is left

of that greater misunderstood one, the one with just one ear.

But now it is November; nights are closing in.

The city is deserted; fuel costs going up.

Come home to the Midwest, brother,

forget your midlife crisis!”


But Vince turned to him with eyes which had seen beyond alimony payments,

eyes that had wandered amongst stars,

made accomplice by the wind,

protected by history.


“You have a duty to follow your dream,

your passion,

and mediocrity has nothing to do with it.”




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