Marina Sofia – The Skipping Song

June 30, 2014 | By | 3 Replies More

When they told you to stop skipping

noisily down corridors

dangerously up the stairs—

did you question your skipping abilities?

Did you wonder if your skip was high enough,

impressive enough,

perfectly cadenced, energetic, contained?

Did you ponder and doubt in dawn-questioned hours

just you and your mind?

Did you compare your skips with those of others,

worry your skip may not find an audience,

interpret each smile or twitched eyebrow as snigger?

Did you flinch at every word heading your way?

Did you stop skipping?

I thought not.

Marina Sofia’s blogsite is Finding Time to Write.


Category: Knowing, Poetry, When Women Waken Literary Journal

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  1. Nosipho Gumede says:

    This is beautiful Marina!

  2. Never stop skipping, ladies! This is the message I got. Great job.

  3. well, yes I did, but I am skipping again! The voices are hard to ignore when they come from those you are trying to please. Listen to your heart. Skip, dance, dress up or down, eat when you want, sleep when you need, sing, love.

    i loved reading this work Marina!

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