Mary Orovan – Like her fine wine

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Mary Orovan is the author of GREEN RAIN (Poets Wear Prada, 2008). Her work has appeared in many journals, among them Poetry East, 2 River View, San Pedro River View. Living in New York City, she started writing poetry after 9/11. She’s proud to have been in the second wave of the Women’s Movement where among other things, she wrote articles about language and image.

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  1. M L Hauser says:

    What an evocative celebration of an older woman. As a woman who is no longer young myself, it’s a pleasure to see myself reflected in these lines.

  2. Jessica Nooney says:

    There are such gorgeous lines in this poem: foot fall soft grass between toes. Earth knowing. More more paths in grey matter medley…..

    well the whole poem is full of sensual delight.

    Heaven any day now!!!!!

    Mary you’re good

  3. Diane Block says:

    Such a sensual, visceral evocation of aging–drips with delight!
    And yet the poem is almost haiku-like in its spare language and potent word-images now here, now there.

    “hone mad hoping hurts”
    “more more paths in gray matter medley”
    How surprising and freshly original.
    Yes indeed, Mary, you’re good!

  4. Roberta Curley says:

    I love the journey in this poem – starting with ancient chisel, progressing thru blue-veined legs
    & myriad revelatory images suggestive of sneaky age slipping in.. with heaven tugging at the back door.
    I like the gentle tone, despite nature’s overpowering force reeling in the glorious days she’s allotted.

  5. Hi Mary–
    Your poem is full of wonderful images, I especially like the lines of the face, “hilarity lines” and “crinkles crows bright birds play in the eyes.”
    And I like the rhythm of this piece. It’s a nice tribute to aging.

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