Miriam Foley – Granny

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I was told you have gone, today,
And a dark cloud of rain swept in
For a second
Like a bird swooping in
For a mouse and then
Up and away,
Gliding –
Until I remembered I haven’t seen you for as long as I can remember.
You were already gone, a long time ago.
But it’s funny, isn’t it.
There is a wet patch now, at knowing you’ve gone for good.
It will soon dry.
I wonder whether you are worth any tears –
I was told you were a cunt.
I will never know,
Will never get to know you
More than the curly hair I can remember
And the limp from when your toe was shot off
In an accident.

I was told you have gone, today,
That you’ve been gone a month –
You have long since spread your wings
And flown the nest of the earth.


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  1. I heard this one performed and now had a chance to read it. Powerful. Really powerful. LOVED it both times.

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