On Pins and Needles by Lori Michelle Hawks

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I didn’t want to go,

I was propelled

by desperation,

my weak hand of cards

held tightly

against my chest.


I would have bet


this visit would be my last.


I would merely play along,

convinced the odds

were not ever

in my favor.
Our match began

with a Doctor of Needles,

studying my signs.


Her eyes stayed

slightly closed at first,

as if asking

in silent prayer for divine guidance,

while listening to the depth

of my pulse.


Her decisions

were precise and calculated,

as if someone besides myself

finally understood the high stakes.


She pressed

on carefully selected points:

my ankle, calf, inner knee,

and I realized

they were already slightly tender,

like invisible bruises

that were in need

of blood being moved.


Each point she chose to treat

created a new sensation.

The needle in my left foot

triggered nerves in my right arm.

The needle in my right ear

caused tiny pulses in my left.

The needle in my left leg

shot energy through my right.

My body worked to balance itself,

following her lead.


The more subtle reactions

were ones that I could feel

in my head, like a rush

when you suddenly stand.
I relished in each response,

and the rest of my body

followed suit;

my breaths

came easier, then slower,

filling to capacity each lung.
The process wasn’t rushed;

no promises were made,

but it felt like a bond

had been forged.
And when I left,

I was filled with a sense of calm

that no other provider had been

able to provide.


I knew I would be returning,

for this was the way

the body was meant

to be handled.


Lori Michelle Hawks was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 27. She has blogged about her experience with this disease, and most recently, has begun struggling with infertility. Lori uses her interest in writing to spread awareness about the deceptive nature of invisible illness. She has taught composition and English for eleven years.www.myscarletletters.org

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