Pam Newham – Keeping His Shoes

June 30, 2014 | By | 4 Replies More

She could not give away his shoes.
The Salvation Army came and took
his carefully-ripped jeans
and the suit he wore to his matric farewell
and someone else came and took
his out-of-tune guitar and his books
but she could not give away his shoes
so she wrapped them in tissue paper
(even his worn-out Docs)
and pushed them to the back of a cupboard.

Some nights she sits in what was once his room
and remembers his guitar and suit, once worn.
Some nights she dreams, not of him,
but of children all barefoot,
running and running,
and although she sees their need
she cannot give away his shoes.
So she keeps the cupboard door closed
for she knows one day he will be back for his shoes.


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  1. Kavanaugh says:

    I read it over and over, puzzling out the possible options to what you left dangling. Well done.

  2. Richly intense visuals showing grief in an intimate fashion. Love it!

  3. Chialin says:

    It makes me think of the time when I sit alone in my room and my mind drifts back to many years ago to the people I still love dearly but have, unfortunately, lost contact with. I wonder if they also think of me every once in a while, keeping our memories together and wouldn’t let time steal them away?

  4. Mary Orovan says:

    I loved this poem and your other three poems as well. Terrific work. I am going through the poems alpha bettically, and have finally come to P..– I’m an M so less people see us. . Brava, polished, thoughtful, original work, especially the 4th one:-)

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