Paula Dawn Lietz – The Bath

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The Bath by Paula Dawn (PD) Lietz

The Bath by Paula Dawn (PD) Lietz

Cover Photo for the Power Issue of When Women Waken

Paula writes:

“An artist friend relayed a dream to me, what he felt, the colors, vivid. I saw it as he described it, and told him I could draw it, and did.”

Paula Dawn Lietz, is an extraordinarily creative photographer and poet, prolific and well loved as evidenced by the response to her daily Facebook posts. She lives in Canada. Paula Dawn Lietz

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  1. We were very pleased to be able to acquire the limited rights to publish Paula Dawn Lietz’ painting on the cover of When Women Waken and within the issue. Our editorial team made the decision for a number of reasons. Color. Beauty. A clear sense of the power differential – a naked woman and a darkened human presence observing. Yet also ambiguity. The woman is at ease, unperturbed by the ominous figure surrounded by purple and yellow fumes or steam or smoke. Though we know the woman is vulnerable, her face shows ease, as if naturally confident in her own power, her ability to keep herself safe.

    Part of what we look for in a cover is its power to attract attention – to draw the eye with beauty and with mystery. This image does that well. We were also grateful to our spring intern, Tynisha Ferguson who worked with a very careful eye to create the cover design, not at all an easy task. We’re very pleased with the results. – Anora McGaha, Founding Editor, When Women Waken

  2. Kerry Holjes says:

    The staff of When Women Waken was so blessed to have Paula Dawn Lietz share her amazing artwork with our Power issue. I want to say a personal thank you to you, Paula, for your generosity with your prodigious talent. You lift us up.

  3. Paula Lietz says:

    Simply put…. my honour to grace the pages of any of your books and issues.
    More so my privilege to be amongst this sisterhood.
    We build upon each others.
    Thank you.

  4. This is a beautiful cover.

  5. This cover is gorgeous and what drew me inside!

  6. Sue Fulton says:

    Fabulous color and composition…really a perfect painting for the theme of Power!

  7. Doris Emmett says:

    Very beautiful and sensual piece. The colors are exquisite and the mood just mists over the viewer…like the steamy
    vapors of the painting itself. One feels privy to a very private moment here.

  8. M.J. Iuppa says:

    Seductive and mysterious. I feel both the woman and her shadowed viewer have power.
    This really works with the poems you have published under this theme of Power.

  9. paula lietz says:

    It was my pleasure and as an artist to portray the dream of someone else actually, but to convey that feeling into a piece of art and have you *get* it – is very rewarding. Thank you.

  10. Stone says:

    Wow! This piece sizzles right off the page. It pulls the eyes in every direction dancing around all the colors. Than the thoughts start. Who is this mesmerizing woman? What is she thinking? Who is the shadow? Does she know she is being watched? If she does it doesn’t seem like she minds. She is fully owning her femininity and that makes this piece exciting and intoxicating.

  11. Phibby Venable says:

    This cover is unique & beautiful – love the sensual steam smoke & allure.

  12. Leea Glasheen says:

    This is awesome! From one who derives healing and spiritual cleansing from an essential oil bath, this elicits those feelings.

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