Peace is Bliss by Kim Hazelwood

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Peace is Bliss is Bliss is Peace

Give me a piece of The Bliss of your kiss-


Dream, Peace , dream.


Real Peace with a plan is

Peace  without  guns-

Plus  sweet Peace is possible

With  freshly warmed buns.


Peace is the valley

Peace is how green,

How Blue

How Silver, How Gold

The unseen

Swirling  and dancing into your very soul.


There’s Peace in knowing

That  just  down the street

We can all get along

In the night

In the heat

Peace starts within,

Breaks it all down

Peace amuses

Much like a clown.



For Peace-



How about

We  beef up our killer smiles and blow ‘em away with laughter.


Imagine a troop of soldiers with microphones and one liners.


Ten thousand Grouchos,

A militia of mustaches,

Pianos and Harps.

The Peace paratroopers,

Have landed With Grenades full of Zingers!

Blasted away,

Laughing so hard they collapse

Into  haystacks of hopeless hilarity,

Oh and what a rarity,

The rollicking  odyssey of warfare mongers,

Can’t have the last word,

For the most ridiculous thing

They’ve ever heard.


Ah..Peace is Bliss is Bliss is Peace.


Kim Hazelwood has been the editor of The Greensilk Journal since 2005;  is the author of CoyoteBat! and lover of all forms of art. Recently she won third place for poetry  in Front Royal Voices Contest. She and her beloved have formed a singing duo ~  Cats With Matches. Kim is a native Texan grateful to call Virginia her home.

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  1. Mali Warshofsky says:

    How about “blow ‘em away with laughter” or “a troop of soldiers with microphones and one liners”
    This would really be something. What an idea. Sadly it isn’t so. Nicely written..

  2. KIM Hazelwood says:

    Thanks so much, Mali!

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