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He knew wood.
Great-great-grandfather Jeremiah Stack
knew wood
the way a pianist knows sharps and flats,
allegro, pianissimo, vivace,
approach and release of melodic phrase.

No, he knew wood
the way a chef knows sauce and roux,
curry, ginger, rosemary, sage,
the play of flame on wok, the grace of stir.

Oh, he knew
the way the gardener knows clouds and sunlight,
soil, nutrient and moisture,
split of seed, arousal of blossom.

Yes, Great-great-grandfather
Jeremiah Stack
knew wood,
its grains and planes, crotch and burl,
its catch and play with light and shadow,
and, whether harvested from planted forests
or rescued from the ravage of tornados,
he knew how patient stroking can disclose
whirls and curls, infinite
layers of tone and color.

Great-great-grandfather Jeremiah Stack

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  1. Nosipho Gumede says:

    I love ‘The grace of stir”. Thank you for this, it makes me want to do the work I do with the aim of KNOWING it intimately.

  2. Kerry Holjes says:

    I love this, Sally. It makes me think of my brother, who is a master carpenter, novelist and poet. I think this kind of understanding of a natural element such as wood is the expression of a poet’s soul through a craftsman’s skill. And beauty is always the answer.

  3. Sue Fulton says:

    And you know words! I truly enjoyed reading this.

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