Sea Queen Underwater Dragon by Stacy Lewis

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Sea Queen Water Dragon by Stacy Lewis

Stacy Lewis is a North Carolina artist whose watermedia paintings reflect her love of nature. While they are built on a solid drawing foundation, their dramatic color, texture and “animated” quality make them unique. Each painting is built with layers of watercolor and acrylic paints, soluble pencils, inks and other media to create animal images in rich, luminous colors. Paper, metallic paints or textured foils are sometimes used for focal objects. Samples of her recent works can be found at

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  1. candice falloon says:

    i’m feeling i’m not getting the full richness of the textures and subtleties in the colors, but oh, it must be wondrous up close in and in person…. aren’t dragons just the best??????

  2. hamza says:

    Heart touching painting outstanding art i appreciate

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