Sonnet for Autumn by Ann Churcher

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A rolling sea of sky drowns out the land.

A shoal of meadow pipits glitter through

To where the ash trees on the shore line stand.

And ploughed and furrowed earth soaks up the blue.

When I was young I had the time to gaze.

To add the moments to my growing store.

To write and dream and waste my precious days,

With never any thought of keeping score.

But then I started chasing riches, fame.

A race that every day was falling short.

Where guilt and fear made sure that I became

A tethered soul with every moment bought.


But now, with you, I find the space to see

That time means nothing to eternity.

Ann Churcher is based in England and has written numerous articles and two books: Acting for Film: Truth 24 Times a Second (Virgin Books) and A Screen Acting Workshop + DVD (Nick Hern Books) She writes, directs and teaches voice and acting. Follow her on Twitter @MelChurcher

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