When Women Waken is managed and published by Anora McGaha in central North Carolina with the generous help of many different editors and interns since May 2013. When Women Waken is not a non-profit, so donations are not tax deductible, but they make a huge difference in keeping this journal alive.

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Our 2015 donors. Thank you SO much! You gave us $560. That went a long way towards paying for proof copies of the print issues, website expenses, and time away from paid work.

Mali Warshofsky (USA via Israel and Poland)

Angela Belcher Epps (USA)

Leslie Waugh (USA)

Sylvia Freeman (USA)

Gloria Gonsalves (Germany via Tanzania)

Paula Dawn Lietz (Canada)

Alexandra Hamer (America via England)

Stefanie Durbin

Ann Churcher (England via Malawi)

Diane Lowman (Connecticut, USA)

Julia Galosy (Mexico)

Terri Hadley Ward (West Virginia, USA)

Tiare Snow (Western Australia)

Special Support from Mariah Wheeler of The Joyful Jewel Art Gallery in historic downtown Pittsboro in the center of North Carolina.

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