Sylvia Freeman – Reaching for Water

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Reaching, Photograph by Sylvia Freeman

Sylvia Freeman writes both poetry and fiction. She is a photographer and a member of fleur-de-lisa, the only women’s a cappella group writing and performing original songs using poetry for lyrics. She has a degree in visual arts and English and resides in Durham, North Carolina.

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  1. Sheryl Rider says:

    I’m not sure what I was expecting when I clicked on this title but whatever it was evaporated around the sharp intake of breath as this photograph appeared. Beautiful of course, and graceful, but also quietly desperate, the reflection offering sustenance when, and if, it is reached. This is a photograph I would want hanging in a quiet place, where reflection is sought and sometimes difficult to find. I think it could very well lead the way.

  2. Thank you Sheryl for your insight into this photo. To me it feels like quiet reflection, delving down into the deepest psyche of the true self. One might come out of it and face the sky again, or get so deep in that one can’t escape. That’s why I thought it fit with the topic ‘Knowing.’ Perhaps it is in the searching that one knows.

  3. Kerry Holjes says:

    When I first saw this photo, I felt that it spoke to that yearning we all feel to be connected to the essence of the world in which we exist—that “knowing” that we have a place in this great universe if only we can find it. I really appreciate Sylvia’s perspective, capturing the reflection, the face and the “reach.”

  4. I could get lost in this image, and in the reflection you reference. This is an incredibly beautiful and thought provoking photograph.

  5. Addy Robinson McCulloch says:

    This is just brilliant, Sylvia.

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