The UFO by Victoria M. Johnson

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When I was nine years old,
I believed in flying saucers
and little green men
I dreamt about outer space
and read science fiction.

One night I saw a UFO in the dark sky
A ball of fire, though not exactly round
it caught my attention, as it hurtled to the ground
Definitely made of metal with legs like a spider
Then it was gone, not even a crash or boom.

Ecstatic to be a witness, this was good news
If life on other planets existed then
no one would care
that my dad left us for a new honey
Who would notice that my shoes had holes
or be bothered that I wore old clothes?

The UFO gave me hope
that science fiction was real
Science fiction would save us—give us better lives
Maybe give me a dad who would not exchange wives.

Victoria M. Johnson lives in Los Gatos, Ca. She is published in fiction and nonfiction. In addition to writing poetry, she also writes and directs short films. Read her full bio at and follow her on twitter @ByVictoriaJ.

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  1. Lyn Dougherty says:

    Victoria: that is so wise—–and poignant.

  2. I love how this poem lets us see into the heart of a child, the pure clear vision of believing in the UFO and the hope that something otherworldly might “fix” the reality of her loss. Thanks, Victoria!

  3. brenda besey says:

    Victoria!!! That is beautiful.!!! I love it!!

  4. Brenda–
    I am pleased you enjoyed reading my first poem!

  5. Julie Davies says:

    You brought tears to my eyes. It was written in the naive style of a child and vividly shot me back to my own childhood. You wished your dad would have stayed – we would have been so much better off if our father had left. That’s something I will probably never be able to write about. I’m glad that you could. I don’t believe in this “closure” that’s spouted by psychologists. The wounds remain all our lives – the years just bury them a bit deeper, but there is catharsis.

  6. Hi Julie–
    I’m pleased my poem touched you and I thank you for your comments. You are absolutely right that “closure” is not easy to come by and that wounds remain all our lives. Beautifully said, Julie.

  7. Since I write science fiction, this had special meaning for me! I loved how you tied the idea of a UFO to the reality of a child’s loss and heartbreak — and hope. Lovely and thoughtful poem.

  8. Beatriz says:

    Victoria, I love this poem–I’ve been reading science fiction since I was a child and it always held out hope to me, too! The thought that there are many other possible worlds out there with countless civilizations is a comfort to me–even though I don’t believe in UFOs per se, I believe there is life out there somewhere! The connection you establish in the poem between the two stratas of reality is perfect!

  9. What I love about this poem is how you use a genre many see as minimizing emotional depth – which it most definitely does not – to focus on very real, every day emotional conflict. Believing in little green men can be so much easier than believing in our fathers. Please – more!

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