Two Ships Passing in the Night by Vanessa German

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2 ships passing in the night, or i take my soul with me everywhere i go, thank you, 2014, 47 x 27 x 12 inches

2 decorative ship models, doll parts, cloth, twine, fear, hair grease, tar, love, skateboard, white beads, homewood beads, rhinestones for the eyes, mirror, antique blue ticking, the ocean, slavery on an everyday basis as made real and present by the reality of white supremacy, righteous clarity, keys, coffee tins, stomach mirror, old jr. navigators flashlight, white porcelain doll heads from the bombed out doll factories in germany, the journey from rage to understanding, the journey from compassion for everyone else to compassion for myself, the journey from lies to truth, the actualization of justice as national migration, old natty quilt parts, pain, and horror and how it feels to know that no one is actually on your side, being blamed for it, pure lard tin, red skateboard

Courtesy of the artist and Pavel Zoubok Gallery


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Category: African American, Images, United States of America, War, When Women Waken Literary Journal

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