2016 Summer – War

War Front Cover Red Stop-Square

Featured Artist & Writer

Vanessa German

So Many Dead Black Bodies

F- Alla Yall Motherf-ds


The Army


2 Ships Passing in the Night

The Stars that You Are Reaching for Are Already Inside of You

i come to do a violence to the lie

chances are

Angela Jackson-Browne

I Must Not Breathe

The Situation is Stabilized

Verbal Jihad

Barbara Bos

Drinking Whiskey

Monkey Monkey Elephant

Brenda Berry

It’s a Food War

Camilla Trinchieri

A War Story

Casey FitzSimons


I confess

The sky-blue ribbon

Crissie Romano

Where to from here

Diane Z. DeBella

Two Poems: Desert Deja Vu and Picture Perfect

Another Growing Season Done

Eila Kundrie Carrico

The Great Re-Weaving

She Arches Her Back to Buck

Ellae Lawton

At Father’s Funeral

The Enemy

Glenis Redmond

Our Spirit Stands

Gloria D. Gonsalves

Our Pact

Gloria Martin

The Widow

The American Civil War


la guerre

Jamie Reaser

Fighting Wars

Jill Boyles

To Serve

Joan Kantor

Losing Focus

Staying Awake

Shock vs. Horror

Kim Hazelwood

Peace is Bliss

Kim Werfel

Portrait of a Marine

Mali Warshofsky



Suicide Bomb

Marcy Corprew

The Warrior

Nancy Smith

In Life’s Tangled Web


Eternal Spheres I

Eternal Spheres II

Paula Dawn Lietz

Clash of the Molecules

Two Short Poems

Barbed Wire


Crow Fight

Paulette Turcotte

Project for the Disappeared in Latin America

Prayers for Paris

Project for Children of War

Peggy Elliot

Flower Child

The Way

Sandra Anfang

The Railway Man

Suzanne Kamata

At that Moment

My Daughter

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War Front Cover Red Stop-Square

 The War Issue of When Women Waken – Summer 2016