Words Words Words…What Words can do by Nischala Murthy Kaushik

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Words Words Words

Small and Big

Good and Bad

Beautiful and Ugly

Loud and Soft

Long and Short

High and Low

From You and From Me


What WORDS can do?


Works can make

Words can break


Words can create

Words can destroy


Words can empower

Words can disempower


Words can mend

Words can bend


Words can heal

Words can peal


Words can make you hate

Words can make you love


Words can motivate

Words can de-motivate


Words can hurt

Words can love


Words can build

Words can de-construct


Words can bind you

Words can set you free


Words can control

Words can decontrol


Words can lead

Words can follow


Words can be forgotten

Words can be eternal


Words can build bridges

Words can create ridges


Words can create history

Words can be a mystery


Words can help you decide

Words can confuse you


Words can give you strength

Words can make you weak


Words can transform your life

Words can ruin your life


Words can trap you

Words can liberate you


Words can show you the way

Words can make you lose your way


Words can make you sad

Words can make you smile


Words can make you laugh

Words can make you cry


Words can make your day

Words can make your way

Words can make your life


Sometimes it’s only the words with matter

Words.. Words.. Words

If only we all knew and understood

What difference our words could make..


Nischala Murthy  sums up her writing with the following quote: “Words can make a positive difference, Words can change the world.” An Indian-born blogger and writer, Nischala formally started her writing journey at the same time that she became a mother. She is the mother for two babies she says – Her daughter, and her words! She nurtures both every day with love and care. Follow Nischala on Twitter, @nimu9, and follow her blogs, Nischala’s Space Thoughts and Expressions & VERVE : The Quintessence of my Life .


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  1. Holly Rose says:

    Such a simple concept, yet such a powerful message. All we really have are words. The opposing views on each extreme – to trap and to liberate, to transform or to ruin, to make strong or make weak. This poem is very thought provoking and cannot help but lead me to one powerful word – perception. One’s perception and interpretation of a word can land it somewhere in these opposing extremes and you’re right – can make or break you. I very much enjoyed this piece and will undoubtedly use it as a reference point to help assist me in determining where I’ve landed in my own interpretation of words.

  2. I was just listening to a ‘motivational talk’ about how creatives can be held back by the critic – how words can beat us down. Your poem conveys that power the critic can hold if we let them, but the power that others can give us to go forward and keep creating. Thank you for your simple yet profound poem.

  3. I just listened to a ‘motivational talk’ about how words from critics can hold us back and beat us down – and we have the power to take in those words or not. Your simple poem rings true of that power that can be held by other whether for good or ill. Thank you for creating art with words.

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