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Ruth, South Africa

“I love your journal.”

Vivian, California, USA

“Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments and for accepting this piece! I so appreciate it.”

Crystal, North Carolina, USA

“Thank you! and I’m so excited that you’re accepting them!! Yay!”

Kassandra, California, USA

“Thank you again for all of your hard work and I am grateful for the time you’ve spent helping me.”

Ann, Africa & Suffolk, England

“Just to say how beautiful the printed copy of ‘When Women Waken’ was.”

Julie, Australia

 “Thank you for the time you will give to assessing my work. I appreciate that you are volunteers. I would like you to know that getting my “love” memoir published in the Our Stories acted as a catalyst. It prompted this very unromantic woman to believe she just might be able to write something commercial (ie a romance). My paid work and domestic chores have been cast aside, to do so. I have already written 30,000 words since your publication, the fastest I’ve ever written anything. And this despite the large amount of research I had to do on the historical events I’ve used, and two countries I haven’t been to that I’ve used as settings! So thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re doing something really worthwhile and you’ve made a significant difference for this budding writer.”


“It is an honor to be published on When Women Waken.”

Joan, United States

“What a beautiful journal with such terrific work. I’m honored to be included. “

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  1. Pat Kavanaugh says:

    Hello Anora, I searched for a “contact email” without luck so I’m using this box in the hope that my questions can be resolved. I will submit my work, but I need assistance from you first. I commented on two stories yesterday and I don’t see my comments. I also don’t understand the process of showing a “link” to the comments. I would appreciate knowing what to do next.


  2. Gloria says:

    I just wanted to say congratulations for the new look of WWW magazine. Thank you again for all that you do to give us women a beautiful creative space. Warm hugs from Germany.

    • When Women Waken says:

      Your appreciation is wonderful. Thank you!
      We’re delighted to have you as a contributor!

      — Anora McGaha, When Women Waken

  3. Gina Guzzo says:

    I have seen your publication for the first time, and it is lovely. I like that you combine art and poetry both I believe are important. I wanted to recommend a title for a publication called EARTH, since our earth is feminine in nature as in mother nature I thought it would be a good title for your one of your publications.

    I hope to submit

    GIna Guzzo , artist poet writer and nurse

  4. Carol Smallwood says:

    Thank you, Anora, for all the hard work!

  5. Jaki Shelton Green says:

    Thank you birthing this powerful platform for women’s creativity. Our voices are traveling deep and wide through this belly of a great ship, When Women Waken. Much gratitude for sustaining our utterances in this difficult Middle Passage!

    Much wonder,
    Jaki Shelton Green
    Poet, creativity coach
    Owner, SistaWRITE

  6. When my first piece was accepted for WWW I didn’t expect the wonderful spinoff that I’d “meet” other like-minded, thoughtful women. It is a brilliant publication and thanks Anora for thinking of it, making it happen and then working so hard on it for so long.

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