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    Dear Reader,

    As soon as we draw our first breaths, our lives are intertwined with, governed by and dependent upon a vast array of power. When I sat down to pen this letter, my mind danced through all the ways in which power controls every moment of my life. Power is an intangible that can move with us or push against us, but in one form or another, is always present in and around us. The steady beat of a heart, the caress of the wind, the heat in an oven, the elemental heat of summer and frigid air of winter, the unspoken bond of love—these are all forms of the infinite quantities of power that shape our lives. I have always believed that a woman’s connection to the life force grants our gender enormous power and has the potential to forge unbreakable bonds of sisterhood. In this issue, we get to see glimpses into the myriad ways power touches each of us.

    When Anora McGaha, the founder of When Women Waken, asked me to assume the role of senior editor for the Power edition, I was touched by her confidence in my personal ability—my power—to help shape the issue. Throughout the process, I have come to realize this journal represents a powerful means of supporting women by providing a platform for us to express our thoughts, articulate our experiences, and share the images that color our lives.

    Our intent is to empower our readers and our contributors by embracing not just the tried and true artists among us, to whom we give a sincere thank-you for supporting us with their generous contributions—but also by engaging the emerging artists, those who need the support of the group to let them know their words, their art, their photography are worth sharing.

    I have been moved by the many talented women who submitted their work for our consideration. We mainly turned away only the pieces that were not a good fit with our theme. I want to encourage our contributors and our readers to submit for future issues. Also, please let us know you support our enthusiasm for providing a home for all women by leaving your comments on any and all pieces that evoke a response from you.

    Thank you for stopping by the pages of When Women Waken for a visit. I hope we have provided new and interesting ways for you to contemplate the subject of power. Most of all, I hope we have empowered your imagination—and powered your creativity.


    Kerry Holjes, Senior Editor

    When Women Waken

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